St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

Open as Normal, Lunch Menu & Table Top Sale [Newsletter 01/07/16]

Teachers’ Strike Action next Tuesday:  St Ann’s will remain open all day as normal.


Meeting with Dolce:  Sorry, they put the wrong day.  The meeting with parents is on WEDNESDAY  6 July (not Thursday) from 3 to 4pm!  Reminder – please send in your email addresses to them as they need to get you in the system – please reply by 8 July.


Proud To Be Me. Bravery

R             Caoimhe Fitzpatrick                         having the confidence to play their ukeleles in front of the

and Edward Macdonald                 whole school

Y1           Logan Wilson                                     challenging himself when he has found work difficult

Y1           Lexii Newton                                     always tries hard when faced with a difficult task

Y2           Daniel Martinez                                for being brave about a hospital visit

Y2           Joseph Hall                                          for bravery in visiting his new school

Y3           Finan Fitzpatrick                               always stand up for what they think is right

Y4           and Sophie Pickering

Y6           Kathleen Webster                           having the confidence to sing in the Play

and Byron Siamelis

Attendance 20 to 24 June:  Reception with 100% again!

Birthdays this week: Keira Beal, Freddie Dernie, Tammy Green and Martha Thorpe.

Gold Award: Will Crockett, Joey Crofts and Tammy Green.

Silver Award: Georgia Nicholson, Ella-Jo Winter, Jack Howarth and Maria Osborne.

Bronze Award: Charlotte Punt and Megan Staniforth.



Changes to Menu during next three weeks.

There will be some minor alterations to the menu as we scale down towards the holiday: Next week  – for ‘Pizza’, please read ‘Ravioli’.  Final week – for ‘Chicken Curry’, please read ‘Ravioli’.  Swap Thursday to Friday, ie, Fish and Chips on Thursday, Ravioli on Friday!   ???


Table Top Sale in KS1 playground on Friday 8 July at 2.50pm.  Come along and grab a bargain!  Bits and bobs left over from Gala!


Stocksbridge Girls’ Brigade.    Do you have a heart for leading and working with girls of primary school age?  Would you be interested in being a leader for the newly-formed Stocksbridge Company of the Girls’ Brigade?  Please contact Phil Hall (Community Outreach Worker at Christian Centre) on 07896 243877 or Reverend James Grayson on 07780 701116.


Diary Dates to end of Term.

Monday 4 July 2pm                                            Ali Baba

Tuesday 5 July 6pm                                            Ali Baba

Wednesday 6 July 3pm                                     Parents’ Evening Drop In and Dolce meeting

Sunday 10 July   Morning Mass                     First Holy Communion at St Ann’s Church

Monday 11 July 10am                                        Sports Day and Picnic Lunch

Thursday 14 July 6pm                                        Leavers’ Liturgy

Friday 15 July                                                        Leavers’ Assembly at 2pm and school will close

Monday 5 September                                       First day of Term (1st Sept and 2 Sept are staff training days)