St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

School Closures, Sponsored Walk & Sleep Hygiene [Newsletter 23/09/16]

Please be reminded that school is CLOSED on Thursday 29 September for staff training.


Sponsored Walk will take place on Friday 30 Sept.  Please ensure your child is wearing suitable footwear and has a waterproof coat.  There is a week to collect those sponsors too!


Proud To Be Me. Trustworthy

Next week’s theme will be ‘Sharing’

R             Ben Hanson                        always trustworthy and follows the class rules

Y1           Edward Macdonald         can be trusted to carry out his work independently

Y2           Logan Wilson                     always trusted to work independently

Y2           Valeria Siameli                   follows the rules and acts responsibly

Y3           Isabel Swift                         does the right thing and trusts adults to help her

Y4           Ethan Mahoney                follows the rota for outdoors and a big help in class

Y5           Tammy Green                   reliable and trustworthy to friends and staff alike

Y6           Kiefer Hague                      trusted to focus on his learning all week responsibly

No Birthdays This Week

Best Attendance Last Week: Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all had 100% attendance!

Music: All Reception Y1 and Y2 plusDeclan, Sophie, Ellie and Jack.

French: Isabel, Alej, Trinity, Joey, Tammy and Sophie.


 Retirement of Mrs Marie Carter.  Mrs Carter is retiring on 21 October (half term) from her post of lunchtime supervisor at St Ann’s School.  She has worked here for an incredible FORTY years, caring for generations of children.  We owe Mrs Carter a huge debt of gratitude and hope she will have a very enjoyable and well-earned retirement.


Sleep Hygiene Workshop.  Do you struggle to get your children to bed without the aid of an ipad or the TV? Is there a set bedtime? And, if so, do your children stick to it without fuss?  Do you have a toddler or pre-school child who keeps waking up in the night?  Can you put your child to bed and leave the room to let them fall asleep alone (Miss Eady can’t…!!)  We are hosting a sleep workshop in school which could change bedtimes forever… Well, that’s what Miss Eady is hoping for in her house!  Please sign the slip below if you would be interested in taking part.  Tuesday 4 October, 1pm.


Pre-Learning Groups: Year 2 – Year 6.

As part of the slight tweaks we’ve made to the daily timetable in order to ensure our children are exposed to the optimum amount of learning time, teachers will begin ‘Pre-Learning’ sessions daily at 12.45pm for a small group of children within their class before the afternoon lessons begin at 1pm.   These bespoke sessions will ensure a deeper understanding in areas identified by the teacher.


Music.  Please stop and think before you throw away any unused keyboards or musical instruments!

We would be very grateful to receive these as there is a shortage in school at the moment.  Please speak to Gillian Fitzpatrick or ask at the office.  Many thanks.



Please could you save all your old newspapers for Years 3 and 4 for their papier maché project – and also – could anyone spare a roll or two of kitchen foil?  You are all so kind, thank you!


Road Resurfacing.

Will re-commence on Monday 3 October so please revise your route to school!

  • Cedar Rd week beginning 3 October.
  • Pot House Lane and Shay Rd week beginning 10 October.
  • Shay House Lane and Glebelands Rd week beginning 17 October.



Be Bright Be Seen!  Road Safety session in Stocksbridge Library on Thursday 27 October, 2 to 4pm.