St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

Sponsored Walk, Homework Club & Road Safety [Newsletter 30/09/16]

New Parents!  Just a reminder that you are more than welcome to join us for our Friday assemblies (9am) and all Masses and liturgies throughout the year!


Sponsored Walk Earlier Today.  Successfully completed by everyone and a special thank you to all the parents who came along to help – you were wonderful!  PS. Miss Eady is concerned that a number of children in KS2 were about to embark on the walk without having had any breakfast.  This is becoming a common occurrence and – as a result – children are unable to give their full concentration in school.


Proud To Be Me. Sharing

R             Oscar Jasinski                     sharing toys in the classroom

Y1           Ellie Dungworth                sharing her ideas with the whole class

Y2           Maisie Shaw                       for sharing fantastic ideas with all her peers

Y2           Isabelle Bloomer              showing kindness to others

Y3           Isla Iggo                                sharing her creative ideas with others

Y3           Daniel Martinez                sharing his journey with Mrs Smith

Y5           Joey Crofts                          sharing and helping with his knowledge

Y5           Holly Bloomer                   sharing her friendship with others


No Birthdays This Week

Best Attendance Last Week: Reception, Year 1, Year 3 and Year 4 – 94.7%.

Music Brianna, Alfie, Georgia, Amber and Harry.

French: Alfie, Trinity, Adam, Ella- Jo, Brianna and Declan.


Family Photographs.    The photographer will be in school on Wednesday 5 October to take family photographs – just in time for grandma’s Christmas present!  Children will be photographed with their brothers and sisters and individually.  If you have any younger or older children and would like a whole group photo, please bring them to school at 8.30am.


Homework Club.  Miss Hornblower will be having a Homework Club each Wednesday from next week for KS2 (lunchtimes 12.30 to 1pm).


 Retirement of Mrs Marie Carter.  Mrs Carter is retiring on 21 October (half term) from her post of lunchtime supervisor at St Ann’s School.  She has worked here for an incredible FORTY years, caring for generations of children.  We owe Mrs Carter a huge debt of gratitude and hope she will have a very enjoyable and well-earned retirement.


Sleep Hygiene Workshop.  Do you struggle to get your children to bed without the aid of an ipad or the TV? Is there a set bedtime? And, if so, do your children stick to it without fuss?  Do you have a toddler or pre-school child who keeps waking up in the night?  Can you put your child to bed and leave the room to let them fall asleep alone (Miss Eady can’t…!!)  We are hosting a sleep workshop in school which could change bedtimes forever… Well, that’s what Miss Eady is hoping for in her house!  Please sign the slip below if you would be interested in taking part.

Commences Tuesday 4 October at 1pm and comprises six sessions up to Tuesday 15 November.


Lost Shoes!   Attention all children who took part in the handball event at Stocksbridge High School. Did anyone accidentally take home Finan’s black school shoes and his pumps?  If so, could you bring them into school for him – many thanks.


Road Resurfacing.   Will re-commence on Monday 3 October so please revise your route to school!

  • Cedar Rd week beginning 3 October.
  • Pot House Lane and Shay Rd week beginning 10 October.
  • Shay House Lane and Glebelands Rd week beginning 17 October.



Christmas Card competition organised by Angela Smith MP.

Your child will bring home a blank entry form for the competition.  The design should be in felt tip or coloured pencils (glitter, cotton wool etc  are not easy to reproduce in print)!  The child’s name, age, school and class group should be written on the back of the entry form and must be returned to school by Friday 7 October.


Be Bright Be Seen!  Road Safety session in Stocksbridge Library on Thursday 27 October, 2 to 4pm.