St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

New School Calendar, Holy Week & School Library [Newsletter 31/03/17]

The school calendar 2017 to 2018 is now available to view on our website.  If you need a paper copy, just pick one up from the foyer.

Summer Term Menus have been sent out this week.  Check your child’s bag!


Proud To Be Me. Healing

R             Romeo Bloomer                               for a superb effort in phonics

Y1           Harvey Wilkinson                             trying hard with his handwriting

Y2           Ava Lambert and                              for becoming fantastic writers in Literacy

Isabelle Bloomer

Y3           Emily Beveridge                                 excellent coaching support for their friends

and Isla Iggo

Y3-4       Asher and Reuben  Leigh              super effort and focus on their learning

Y5           Eloise Buck                                          for focus and absolute determination

Y5           Ella-Jo Winter                                    for being really helpful towards everyone


Birthdays This Week: Ellie Lambert and Harry Macdonald.

Best Attendance:  Years 5 and 6 with 100%.

Silver Award: Tammy Green.        

 Bronze Award: Declan Smith, Joey Crofts, Will Crockett, Joshua Freeman, Eloise Buck.       


Holy Week in School : Please be reminded that school will close on Maundy Thursday 13 April and will re-open on Monday 24 April.  Do try to join us for our Liturgies:

Monday 10 April.  Reception and Year One.   Theme – Palm Sunday.  9am.

Tuesday 11 April.  Year Two.  Last Supper.     9am.

Weds  12 April.  Years Three and Four.  Garden of Gethsemane. 9am.

Thurs 13 April.  Years Five and Six.  Stations of the Cross.  2pm.


Ruggereds.  Unfortunately, the last session will take place on Tuesday next.  The children have loved it and have fully committed to the programme – there just was not enough interest!


School Library.  Encourage your children to browse and borrow from our lovely selection.

Opening Times are as follows:      KS1 Tuesdays 8.35 to 8.50am.   KS2 Thursdays 8.35 to 8.50am.


Holy Week Services at St Ann’s and St Mary’s Churches

10 April.   St Ann’s at 7.30pm.  Sacrament of Reconciliation

13 April.  St Marie’s Cathedral at 11am.  Chrism Mass

13 April.  Maundy Thursday.  Mass of Last supper.  St Mary’s 6pm.  St Ann’s 8pm

14 April.  Good Friday.  Veneration of the Cross.  St Mary’s 3pm.  St Ann’s 6pm.

15 April.  Easter Vigil.  Only one Mass at St Ann’s at 9pm.

16 April.  Easter Sunday.  Mass St Ann’s 9.15am and 6.30pm.  St Mary’s 10.45am.


Easter Activities.

St Marie’s Cathedral on Wednesday 19 April, 10.30am to 12.30pm.  Easter Crafts Workshop.  Free entrance. Children must be accompanied.