St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

Newsletter [16/06/17]


School Outings Next Tuesday 20 June.The whole school will be out next Tuesday: KS1 to Yorkshire Wildlife, Years 3 and 4 to Eyam and Years 5 and 6 to the Coal Mining Museum.

  • Please bring ALL children to school by 8.30am for registration – there will be some coaches parked outside school so do give them plenty of room.
  • All children MUST wear school uniform, with sensible school shoes or trainers (no sandals, flip flops or mules). They will also need a SMALL backpack to hold a showerproof jacket, sun cream and a sunhat and a drink in a plastic bottle. Don’t forget packed lunches if these have not been ordered from school!   Everyone is looking forward to a marvellous day out.
  • The coaches are expected to return around 3.30 to 4pm but, of course, it all depends on    traffic.  We will keep you informed by text during the afternoon.


                                                                          Proud To Be Me.

R             Rufus Leigh                         trying hard in his Maths

Y1           Everyone                             for making a super effort in their Phonics test

Y2           Everyone                             putting a huge effort into their SATS

Y3           Evie Nicholson                   super effort in gaining her self-belief in Maths

Y4           Jack Howarth                     self-pride in all his work

Y5           Ella-Jo Winter                    for showing amazing resilience at everything that challenges her

Y5           Holly Bloomer                   for believing in her ability to achieve in everything

Bronze: Megan Staniforth. Silver: Reuben, Daniel, Asher, Penny and Finan, Harry, Larenz, Evie.

No Birthdays This Week.

Tennis Festival on 13 June: Well done everyone who took part – Bethany Simmons, Jake Osborne, Ellie Dungworth, Alexa Haworth and Abigail Hanson.


Policy for Use of Mobile Phones In School. In compliance with our strict guidelines on Safeguarding, we have compiled this policy. Please read the policy carefully (on back of newsletter) and support us in our strenuous efforts to keep our children safe from media intrusion.


Bringing Children To School. There seems to be an awful lot of traffic round the office lately! Please take your children to the classroom doors by 8.50 each morning. The office entry is only for children who are late – that is, after the classroom doors are closed. Thank you for your co-operation.


Next Thursday 22 June, chicken has been replaced on the menu by gammon. Just so you know!


Sponsored Bike ride on Trans Pennine Trail.

The children’s bike ride raised an amazing £200 – thank you so much for sponsoring us. The total raised across Sheffield for the children’s Hospital was a fabulous £1200.


After School Clubs.

  • Two spaces remaining at Outdoor and Adventurous on Mondays.
  • Craft Club re-commences next Monday 19th.
  • A few remaining spaces at Gardening Club on Thursdays.

Please be reminded to have PE kit and footwear in school – ALL CHILDREN!





Staff on Premises.

  1. Upon arrival in the classroom, staff are asked to place their phones in the stockroom.
  2. Staff are not permitted to have their phones with them outside the staff room at any time.
  3. Staff are permitted to use their phones at break times – but away from children.
  4. Staff may arrange to receive important phone calls on the landline in the office, as necessary.
  5. Staff are informed of this Policy upon induction, within the staff handbook.


Staff Off Premises (Visits, Outings etc).

  1. School has two designated mobile phones without a camera facility.
  2. A designated phone is taken by the group leader on outings.
  3. The designated phone is used solely for the purpose of essential communication when off the premises.
  4. Staff are NOT permitted to take their personal mobile phones on outings and visits.


Parents and Visitors.

  1. Mobile phones are not routinely removed from parents visiting school.
  2. Visitors are not permitted to use their phones when in contact with children in school.
  3. Visitors are not permitted to use their phones as recording devices or cameras when on school premises.
  4. Visitors are asked to be discreet and respectful when using phones away from children.
  5. Visitors must ensure their mobile phones are switched off during events in school.                     eg assembly.



Children are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school.


Hand Held Recording Devices.

  1. The school uses its own devices for the purpose of taking photographs and recording observations of children.
  2. These devices are safeguarded and protected as they store information directly onto a secure site and are not connected to the internet, emails or telephone networks.