St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

Newsletter 09/02/18                                     9 February 2018



Due join us next Wednesday 14 February for our Ash Wednesday Liturgy at 9am. 

This day marks the beginning of Lent. Friday 16 February:  Last day before half term.  Do join us for our assembly and Guitar Gig at 9am – well worth watching.  School will re-open after half term on Monday 26 February.  During the half term break, we will be having new carpets fitted to replace all the flood-damaged ones.  We will be very posh!


Proud To Be Me.  Resilience

R/Y1       Wilfred Horridge and                      for always trying hard in their learning and never giving

                Mia Newton                                       up when faced with a challenge

Y2           Lilly Pickstone                                    for brilliant, positive thinking

Y2           Keira Beal                                            for always facing challenging tasks

Y3           Rafael Jones and                               for showing a ‘never give up’ attitude to their work

                Alexa Haworth 

Birthdays This Week:  Olivia Loxley, Jensen Winter, Harvey Wilkinson, Ethan Mahoney.

Best Attendance 29 Jan to 2 Feb:  Reception and Year 1 with 96.9%.

Bronze: Jensen, Romeo and Shay.  Silver: Wilfred, Sienna, Bailey and Oscar.

Music:  Wilfred, Lilly, Alexa and Maisie.     French: Reuben, Eloise, Bronwen and Evie.


Important!  Slapped Cheek Syndrome.

We have had some cases of this virus in school.  NHS Direct advises that children are infectious when symptoms include a high temperature of 38c or more, a runny nose/sore throat and a headache.  You can ease symptoms by drinking lots of fluids, taking paracetamol and applying moisturiser.  It is not necessary to stay off school after the rash appears because children are no longer infectious by then, though some may feel too unwell to attend.  Further information overleaf.

Note: If you are pregnant and have been near someone with SCS, you must speak to your midwife.



  • There will be no after school clubs on 12 and 13 February,
  • Mrs Wilde will be changing football after-school from KS2 to KS1, beginning after half term.
  • Any outstanding piano fees must be paid by Friday 16 Feb – thanks.
  • The charity ‘Roundabout’ will be coming to assembly on 16 Feb to receive their cheque.
  • The school calendar September 2018 to July 2019 is now on our website.  Plan your holidays!  Call at the office if you have not received a paper copy.  Note: the staff training date intended for 25 Feb 2019 has been changed to 26 October 2018.
  • Sports events at Stocksbridge High School (Boccia etc) have all been halted temporarily due to staff shortages there.


Diary Dates.

12 and 13 Feb                    Parents’ Evenings

14 Feb                                  Ash Wednesday Liturgy 9am

19 to 23 Feb                       Half Term break

14 March 5.30pm             Parenting Discussion Group at Stocksbridge High (suitable for Y6 parents)