St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

Newsletter 09/03/18                                     9 March 2018



Hopefully, the bad weather has come to an end!  We will re-schedule pyjama day for sometime after the Easter break.


Proud To Be Me. Enthusiasm.

R             Hegel Sharpe Noubissie                 for his engagement in all activities on Welli Wednesday

Y1           Abigail Hanson                                  for enthusiasm in Anchorman sessions and with Y2

Y2           Ellie Dungworth and                       for engagement and enthusiasm with Spag day and

                  Oscar  Fothergill                                                                                                    Anchorman

Y3           Lexii Newton and                             for having a ‘can do’ attitude in all their learning

Y4           Eve Porter Bailey

Y5           Ethan Mahoney and                       for their enthusiasm in all areas of learning

Y6           Ella-Jo Winter

Birthdays from 14 Feb:  Isabelle (Bloomer), Isla, Brendan, Abigail, Hegel, Tephi, Neeve, Tilemachos, Christopher, Finan and Mateo.

Homeworkers of the Week: Ava and Abigail.

 Music: Marshall, Jude W, Violet, Tephi and Eloise.        French: Logan, Daniel, Holly and Harry.

Bronze Award: Queenie, James, Alexa, Ava, Phoebe, Violet and Bronwen.

Silver Award: Maria, Emily, Neeve, Joshua H, Oscar J, Jude W, Bailey, Jude L, Jack E, Mia, Daisy, Zara.


St Patrick’s Concert and Celebration in St Ann’s Church Hall on Friday 16 March at 7.30pm.  Tickets will be available today after each Mass (adults £4, children free) so come along and enjoy yourselves – you will have a night to remember!

Baby Changing Mat. We are very grateful to SAFFA for providing a baby changing mat in school.  This can be found in the ladies’ toilet, main entrance.

Years 3 and 4:  Mrs Wilde says could every child in Years 3 and 4 bring an old tee shirt to school next Friday to use as an apron (secret treat for everyone).

Anchor Man.

Hopefully, everyone came home on Monday excited to be sharing some rather odd songs with you ….  We invited Anchor Creative Education into school – George teaches the children lots of different songs linked to their English and Grammar topics.  Take a look at YouTube (you may even learn something new yourselves!):


Diary Dates.   Holy Week as follows:

Monday 26 March 9am.   Liturgy Reception and Y1.  Palm Sunday.

Tues 27 March 9am.  Liturgy Y2.  Passover.

Weds 28 March 9am.  Liturgy Y3 and 4.    Garden of Gethsemane.

Thurs 29 March 2pm.  Y5 and 6.  Stations of the Cross.

Good Friday 30 March.  School is closed.

Monday 2 April to Friday 13 April:  School is closed for two weeks (Easter break).