St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

Newsletter 11-05-18                                     11 May 2018



May we draw your attention to the fact that there have been one or two isolated incidents of Scarlet Fever and Shingles in school.  We have consulted the NHS advice line.

Scarlet Fever: High temperature, bright red tongue with white patches.  The child feels very unwell. Infectious before the appearance of a rash and may not return to school until at least 24 hours after beginning medicine.   Shingles: Blistered skin on torso.   The blisters are highly infectious.

Please do not bring children back to school while still infectious.


Proud To Be Me.  Forgiveness

R             Zara Blythen and              for showing forgiveness towards others as well as helping others

Y1           Christopher O’Brien        find ways to forgive

Y2           Caoimhe Fitzpatrick         setting a good example in how to forgive and how to apologise

                and Maisie Loxley           

Y3           Maria Freeman and        for showing maturity and kindness to everyone , even if they make

Y4           Isla Iggo                                the wrong choices

Y6           Jakob Loxley and              forgiving others quickly after an apology

                Eloise Buck

No Birthdays This Week.        Homeworkers of the Week: Jake Osborne and James Carden.

Bronze: Luke Abel and Maisie Shaw.  Silver: Violet Buck and Alfie Beveridge

Music: Esme, Bailey, Archie.   French: Alexa, Olivia, Jeffrey, Ella-Jo.


Year One Phonics: 

On Monday next, 14 May at 9am, Mrs Brotherton will be having a phonics lesson where parents are very welcome to stay and watch!


Picture News. PSHE.

Some of you may already know about the Picture News resources we use in school  to promote thought-provoking questions and British values.  The resource has now expanded to include Picture News At Home, which is designed for you to share with your children and encourage continuing the dialogue.  We will attach this to our newsletter every fortnight.



  • Craft Club.  Some spare spaces will be available for Thursday Craft Club after Spring Bank.  Ask at the office.
  • If you have not yet done so, please pay any outstanding piano fees right away.


Dates to Remember.

  • SATS Week.  14 to 18 May.  Good luck to Year 6 who have worked so hard.  Sleep well every night and don’t be late!
  • Tuesday 22 May.  Pentecost Parade through Stocksbridge (approx. 9.30am).  Do join us with your support.
  • Years 5 and 6 Residential Visit 23 to 25 May.
  • Spring Bank Holiday Week 28 May to 1st June.