St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

Year 2 Mrs Marshall 2019/2020

Remember to keep practising your spelling using the ‘Spelling Shed’ website. If you have any questions or need log on details please speak to Mrs Marshall.

Spring 1 (2019/20)

Years 2 big question – Where are we now?
We will be looking at the different continents and oceans of our world, and examining the differences between these and our local environment. In science, we will be examining difference habitats and creatures from around the world.

Can you spot the four stick insects?

Year 2 will be visiting The Tropical Butterfly House on Tuesday 14th January 2020 ( ). Please sign and return the consent form (a copy can be obtained from the school office). Children will be outside for the majority of the trip, please ensure your child is wearing warm, waterproof clothing and shoes.

Autumn 2 (2019/20)

Merry Christmas Year 2!
This year Mrs Marshall and Mrs Lamb have adopted a snake for your Christmas present.
When we visit the Tropical Butterfly House in January we will be able to see our adopted snake!
If we are lucky we might be able to hold it.
Christmas jumper twins!

Image result for IRON MAN BOOK
From our class reading book we have learnt a new word – stupendous!
We love listening to Mrs Marshall read ‘The Iron Man’

Year 2 have been learning about Ludwig Van Beethoven. This is year 2 variation of the theme from his 5th symphony.
For reciprocal reading Year 2 will be reading ‘The diary of a killer cat‘ by Anne Fine.

P.E. will be on Tuesday (dance) and Wednesday (gymnastics) during Autumn 2.

Autumn 1 (2019/20)

Friday 11th October 2019 – Today we visited Stocksbridge Museum and Heritage Centre. We discovered lots about the history of Stockbridge and how Samuel Fox changed the community. We handled lots of artefacts from over 200 years ago, including an original paragon umbrella.

At Stocksbridge Museum and Heritage Centre we handled lots of different artefacts and discovered lots about our local history.
On a very wet walk to the Stocksbridge Museum and Heritage Centre we spied the Granddad Fox statue.
We think he is looking ravenous just like in our story. What! Did he just move?
We made our own bread just like Ethel, Stevie and Jenny in ‘Meet me by the Steelmen’. We had lots of fun, but the classroom was very busy afterwards!
In R.E. we have been learning about belonging and the Creation Story. We created a dance in response to Psalm 19: 1-5 to Edvard Grieg: “Peer Gynt – Morning Mood”.

Psalm 19: 1-5 God’s Glory in Creation
We praise you God.
Each day the sun rises high in the sky
to give us light and warmth.
Words not needed to tell us how wonderful you are:
the silent message reaches everyone, everywhere
we are full of joy as each new day begins.
For reciprocal reading year 2 will be reading ‘Meet me by the steelmen‘ by Theresa Tomlinson.

Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the school year! Well done everyone.

The year 2 project for Autumn term is based on the local history of Stocksbridge. We will be considering ‘How did it all begin?’, our key concepts for this project will be class, change, community, and faith. We will be looking at historical sources which will include a visit to the ‘Stocksbridge Museum and Heritage Centre’ to research how Stocksbridge has developed over the last 200 years. We will be focusing on Samuel Fox and how the steel industry has affected Stocksbridge.

Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the school year! Well done everyone.