St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic social teaching is rooted in Scripture and formed by the wisdom of Church leaders. It is our moral compass, guiding us on how to live out our faith in the world. Every person has a fundamental right to life and we all have duties and responsibilities to help each other.

At St Ann’s we aim to develop pupils awareness and empower them to help others in need. Throughout the year children will have the opportunity to fundraise and raise awareness of social and environmental issues.

November 2022: This year we are taking part in the Sheffield Shoebox Appeal to provide a Christmas present to those less fortunate than ourselves. You can create your own shoebox present or make a donation and we will combine the items to make a shoebox gift.

Pope Francis has written a letter addressed to every person on the planet, asking us all to protect the earth. Will you play your part to protect our common home?

  • pollution
  • climate change
  • water
  • loss of biodiversity
  • decline in the quality of human life.

In his letter Pope Francis implores us to work together to create a better world for future generations and asks us to make the necessary changes in our lives in order to take care of, respect and value our ‘common home’.

In this week’s Picture News we have been thinking about plastic and its impact on our beautiful world. Each class has looked at the amount of plastic we use everyday and thought hard about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle.

Have you noticed our new pen recycling boxes?

Year 1 & 2 noticed we use a lot of plastic pens in school and thought that might be a problem for our beautiful world! After some research they discovered that you can recycle plastic pens in Stocksbridge.

Remember when your pen is no longer working don’t put it in the rubbish bin use the pen recycle box.

Pre-loved uniform

In order to tackle the rapidly growing global environmental challenges for a sustainable future, we aim to normalise the reusing of pre-loved uniform to reduce our carbon footprint whilst helping our families with the cost. Using Pre-loved Uniform is a great opportunity for St Ann’s to embed environmental awareness within our school community, strengthen our green credentials and extend the lifespan of our uniforms whilst supporting a recycling culture. Pre-loved Uniform Sale : Please stop behind after the Proud to be Me assembly to grab some bargain uniform items ready for next year. Items are very reasonably priced at £1 for logo items and 50p for everything else.

Local Wildlife

The weather is getting very hot! Year 2 have been thinking about how this impacts on the wildlife around St Ann’s and how we can help. Year 2 decided to create bio-degradable bird feeders to ensure birds have something tasty to eat during the hot days.

Operation Christmas Child : Stand with Ukraine

We are busy collecting and packing items for Operation Christmas Child, Stand with Ukraine! We have been thinking about how fortunate we are at St Ann’s and how we can help others and spread God’s joy and love around the world and to those less fortunate. The charity has secured plans to take many boxes to Ukraine before Christmas to support children who are going through so much at this time. Please support Operation Christmas Child by donating any items from the attached shopping list or by making cash donations of £5 to support the delivery of the shoe boxes. The closing date for donations is Friday 10th June, thank you. More info and ideas can be found at: