St. Ann's Catholic Primary School – Stocksbridge, Deepcar & Penistone

Year Five & Six

Home-school learning links

You can contact Miss Galbraith on Seesaw ( and share your home learning. Parents please use the QR code sent home to gain access to your child’s account. There will be announcement before 9am each morning (Mon-Fri) with each day’s tasks.

Miss Galbraith will be posting home-school learning everyday on Google Classroom. Check it out!



LEVENSES WITH THE WORLD OF DAVID WALLIAMS Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!

CBBC Newsround

CBBC Newsround has lots of interesting videos about world news, and it’s made especially for kids. Could you make your own news report or summaries an episode? You could write a script and use a mobile phone, tablet or laptop camera to record yourself. Remember; always speak to a grownup before using ICT equipment.

Oxford Owl

Free Ebooks to support independent reading and shared reading at home.


Pobble365 ( is an amazing writing prompt site. There are hundreds (probably 365!) images with story starters and questions. Can you have a go at choosing an image and write (or draw) what happens next.


What can children learn through cooking? Cooking with children can provide many beneficial learning experiences. Whilst the kitchen can provide many opportunities for young children to learn, it can be a dangerous place if children are left unsupervised while they cook. Before beginning it is worth remembering a few safety tips.

  • Collect everything you need before hand so you don’t need to leave your child unsupervised.
  • Encourage children to wash their hands before cooking.
  • Use only oven recipes rather the grill or rings on the hob.
  • When teaching your child to cut, use a blunt knife and soft foods. Any cutting requiring a sharp knife should be done by an adult. Explain the dangers of using knives. Restrict the use of sharp kitchen tools such as graters and peelers to older children.
  • Point out heat sources and precautions that you take such as using oven gloves when removing things from the oven. Never use dangerous equipment such as a deep fat fryer.
  • Set up a safe place where your child can work.
  • Remember that raw meat or raw eggs should not be tasted.


Remember to keep practising your times tables on TT Rockstars.
If you need your log in details please speak to Miss Galbraith.


Log on to Numbots using your TT Rockstars password.

In Story Mode, the emphasis is on mathematical concepts and is underpinned by a mastery approach to teaching. Story Mode features visual representations, procedural variation, exposure to different calculation strategies and interleaved material all in very carefully sequenced order.

In Challenge Mode, the emphasis is on rapid responses to essential facts and simple sums, against the clock.

Toy Shop Money

Practice your money skills with this interactive shop


PE with Joe Wicks

Each morning at 9am, Joe wicks will be delivering a PE lesson on his YouTube channel.

Super Movers

Super Movers helps children across the UK to get physically active with curriculum linked videos.



Join the Wild Challenge now!

It’s a challenge for you to connect with the natural world in brave new ways and earn awards as you go. Do you have what it takes to achieve gold?

Science Experiments

Click the link above for science experiments which can be done at home!


Log in or sign up for free to duolingo and continue to learn your Spanish!



Today, Year 5/6 took part in a STEM project for Number Day. We had to design a pizza product and work out the quantities of ingredients needed by adapting the original recipe(converting between metric units). We then made the pizzas based on our own group’s individual design. On Monday, we will evaluate our final product and work out our profit margins.