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Listed below is all the latest news articles from St. Ann’s Catholic Primary School! Upcoming events, recent newsletters and anything going on in and around the school and local community will be posted here and updated regularly!

Newsletter 24/11/23

Newsletter 17/11/23

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#WakeUpWednesday – Influencers

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Newsletter 03/03/23

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Newsletter 24/02/23

#WakeUpWednesday – Spotify

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Newsletter 10/02/23

Newsletter 03/02/23

Newsletter 27/01/23

Industrial Action – Letter to Parents/Carers

Newsletter 13/01/23

#WakeUpWednesday – World Of Warcraft

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Newsletter 16/12/22

#WakeUpWednesday – HiPAL

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Newsletter 9/12/22

#WakeUpWednesday – Social Media and Mental Health

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Newsletter 25/11/22

#WakeUpWednesday – TikTok

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Newsletter 11/11/22

#WakeUpWednesday – FIFA 23

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Newsletter 14/10/22

#WakeUpWednesday – BeReal

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Newsletter 07/10/22

Newsletter 30/09/2022

Newsletter 23/09/2022

Newsletter 16/09/2022

Newsletter 09/09/2022

Newsletter 27/05/22

Newsletter 13/05/22

Newsletter 29/04/22

Newsletter 22/04/22

Newsletter 01/04/22

#WakeUpWednesday – Facebook

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#WakeUpWednesday – Supporting children to deal with upsetting content

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Newsletter 18/03/22

Newsletter 25/02/2022

Newsletter 11/02/22

Newsletter 04/02/22

Newsletter 28/01/22

Newsletter 21/01/22

Newsletter 14/01/22

Newsletter 17/12/21

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Newsletter 10/12/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Age inappropriate content

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Newsletter 03/12/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Snapchat

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#WakeUpWednesday – Squid Games

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Newsletter 19/11/21

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Newsletter 12/11/21

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Newsletter 05/11/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Social Bots

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Newsletter 21/10/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Tinder

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Newsletter 08/10/21

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Newsletter 01/10/21

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Newsletter 24/09/21

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Newsletter 10/09/21

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Newsletter 03/09/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Valorant

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Newsletter 16/07/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – TikTok

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Newsletter 02/07/21

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Newsletter 25/06/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Online Hate

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Newsletter 18/06/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Fifa21

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Picture News 14/06/21

Newsletter 11/06/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – TextMe

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Newsletter 28/05/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Scam Emails

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What’s On Guide- May-Aug 2021

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Picture News 24/05/21

Newsletter 21/05/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Media Use and Attitudes

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Picture News 10/05/21

Newsletter 07/05/21

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Newsletter 30/04/21

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Picture News 26/04/21

#WakeUpWednesday – Android Parental Controls #2

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#WakeUpWednesday – iPhone Parental Controls

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Newsletter 23/04/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – chatroulette

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Newsletter 01/04/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Prepare for an Emergency with your Google Phone

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Newsletter 19/03/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Whatsapp

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School Test parents leaflet

Newsletter 12/03/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Signal

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Newsletter 05/03/21

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Newsletter 26/02/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Cyber Crime

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Newsletter 12/02/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – WECHAT

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Newsletter 29/01/21

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#WakeUpWednesday – Ebay

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Newsletter 22/01/21

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#WakeupWednesday – CyberPunk 2077

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Newsletter 08/01/21

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FSM vouchers – How to redeem video guide

Sheffield City Council, school food services team have provided a short step by step ‘How To..’ video on how to redeem an eCode and download a supermarket voucher on the Edenred website To Redeem an eCode and download a supermarket voucher visit Follow the below guide and/or video guide

Newsletter 11/12/2020

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#WakeUpWednesday – Call of Duty Black Ops

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Stocksbridge Town Council Christmas Card Competition

Stocksbridge Town Council have been running a Christmas card competition with the local primary and infant schools. Hundreds of entries were received with judging taking place by Councillors.16 finalists have been chosen, with an overall winner whose picture will create this year’s Christmas card for the Town Council. All other finalists pictures will appear on […]

Newsletter 04/12/2020

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#WakeUpWednesday – PlayStation 5

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#WakeUpWednesday Amazon Alexa

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Picture News 27/11/20

Newsletter 27/11/20

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Picture News 20/11/20

Newsletter 20/11/20

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#WakeUpWednesday – Xbox Series X/S

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Newsletter 13/11/20

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#WakeUpWednesday – Among Us

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Newsletter 06/11/20

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Newsletter 23/10/20

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#WakeUpWednesday – League of Legends

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#WakeUpWednesday – Tellonym

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Harvest Appeal 1st-30th Oct 2020

Newsletter 16/10/20

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Newsletter 09/10/20

Newsletter 18/09/20

Newsletter 02/10/20

Newsletter 02/10/20 Download this week’s newsletter here. Download PDF  View PDF

Newsletter 11/09/2020

Newsletter 11/09/20 Download this week’s newsletter here. Download PDF  View PDF

Newsletter 04/09/2020

Newsletter 04/09/20 Download this week’s newsletter here. Download PDF  View PDF

Newsletter 17/07/20

Newsletter 26/06/20

Newsletter 26/06/20 Download this week’s newsletter here. Download PDF  View PDF

Google Meets

Newsletter 12/06/20

#WakeUpWednesday – Microsoft Teams

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Newsletter 05/06/20

#WakeUpWednesday – Instagram

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#WakeUpWednesday – Facebook Messenger

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#WakeUpWednesday – 14 Ways to be Kind Online

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Newsletter 22/05/20

Newsletter 10/04/20

#WakeUpWednesday – Google Stadia

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#WakeUpWednesday – Netflix

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Newsletter 03/04/20

Public Health Sheffield – Guidance for Parents and Carers

Daily Prayers for Home

Daily Prayers from home – Resources

Newsletter 13/03/20

Newsletter 28/02/20

#WakeUpWednesday – Hidden Photo Apps

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#WakeUpWednesday – Be Kind Online

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Newsletter 14/02/20

Newsletter 07/02/20

#WakeUpWednesday – From Online Gaming to Online Gambling

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#WakeUpWednesday – Supporting Children’s Mental Health

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Newsletter 31/01/20

Newsletter 24/01/20

Newsletter 17/01/20

Newsletter 10/01/20

Y3 Meet Olympic Silver Medalist

Y3 children were extremely lucky to meet Olympic Trampolining Silver Medalist Bryony Page on Monday at Graves Sports Centre, when they joined other schools across the city to take part in a variety of sports, including trampolining, gymnastics, dance, boogie bounce and many more.  

#WakeUpWednesday – Parent’s Guide to TikTok

Download this week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide below. Parents Guide to TikTok Download PDF  View PDF

#WakeUpWednesday – Parents: Put Down Your Phones This Christmas

Parents – Put Down Your Phone This Christmas

Year 4 – Hotshots Basketball

Year 4 – Hotshots Basketball Download PDF  View PDF

Reception Class – Balance Bike Festival

Reception Class – Balance Bike Festival Download PDF  View PDF

#WakeUpWednesday – 12 Smartphone Online Safety Tips

Download the latest #WakeUpWedesday guide below. View all previous guides here. 12 Smartphone Online Safety Tips Download PDF  View PDF

SAFFA Fundraising

Please support St Ann’s Friends and Family Fund raising. See our SAFFA fundraising page for details. SAFFA Fundraising

Newsletter 29/11/19


Download the latest #WakeUpWedesday guide below. View all previous guides here. Online Safety Tips for Children Download PDF  View PDF

Newsletter 22/11/19

Newsletter 15/11/19

Odd Socks Day – Tuesday 12th November

Newsletter 24/10/19

Newsletter 18/10/19

Ball Skills Festival Nov 2019

                8th October 2019 Dear Parents                                      Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 Ball Skills Festival – Stocksbridge High School Tuesday 5th November 2019. 3.30pm to 4.45pm Reception and KS1 children have been invited to take part in the above ball skills festival at Stocksbridge High school. The children will need the following:- Full PE kit […]

Ofsted 08/10/19

07 October 2019 Dear parent or carer Inspection of St Ann’s Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy by Ofsted We have just told your child’s school that we will inspect it on 08 October 2019. The lead inspector will be Cathy Morgan. We are writing to you because we would like to know what you […]

Sponsored Walk – 04/10/19

St Ann’s annual SAFFA sponsored walk to Trig point in Bolsterstone, raising money for school trips and equipment

Newsletter 27/09/19

Bishop Ralph Visit

Last week the children and staff at St Ann’s Catholic Primary we’re pleased to welcome Bishop Ralph to their school. The children were excited to have a visitor to their classrooms and enthusiastic to demonstrate all that they have been up to this year. Bishop Ralph was also able to share some of what he does […]

Newsletter 20/09/19

Newsletter 13/09/19

Newsletter 06/09/19

Newsletter 19/07/19

St Ann’s – Trip to Hornsea

Newsletter 05/07/19

National Online Safety

Newsletter 28/06/19

Newsletter 21/06/19

Newsletter 07/06/19

Newsletter 24/05/19

Newsletter 17/05/19

Newsletter 10/05/19

Newsletter 26/04/19

Newsletter 29/03/19

Newsletter 18/04/19

Newsletter 15/03/19

Newsletter 08/03/19

Newsletter 01/03/19

Safer Internet Day 05/02/19

Today we are taking part in safer internet day. Safer internet day is the UK’s largest awareness-raising campaign to help promote the safe and positive use of technology.

Newsletter 01/02/19

Newsletter 25/01/19

Newsletter 11/01/19

Newsletter 14/12/18

Newsletter 2018.12.14

Newsletter 07/12/18

Newsletter 2018.12.07

Newsletter 30/11/18

Newsletter 2018.11.30

Newsletter 23/11/18

Newsletter 2018.11.23

Newsletter 16/11/18

Newsletter 2018.11.16

Newsletter 09/11/18

Newsletter 2018.11.09

Newsletter 26/10/18

Newsletter 2018.10.26

Newsletter 19/10/18

Newsletter 2018.10.19

Newsletter 12/10/18

Newsletter 2018.10.12

Newsletter 05/10/2018

Newsletter 2018.10.05

Newsletter 21/09/18

Newsletter 2018.09.21

Newsletter 13/07/18                     6 July 2018 Easyfundraising:   Please note: There will be NO after school club on Monday – Outdoor and Adventurous – and NO Craft Club next Thursday.   Monday 16 July.  Sports Day. The day will begin at 10am, breaking at noon for lunch and then continuing till around 2pm. Children should wear […]

St Ann’s Pupils – Three Lions

St Ann’s pupils getting ready for the world cup semi final tonight. Footballs coming home!

Newsletter 06/07/18                     6 July 2018 Easyfundraising:   Enjoy the football tomorrow!  Come on, England!   Proud To Be Me.  Welcoming. R             Jensen                  for having a warm and welcoming smile each day Y1           Rowan                  for welcoming our new friends into our class Y2           Ellie and Rufus  for always having a friendly and supportive attitude to everyone […]

Newsletter 29/06/18                                     29 June 2018 Easyfundraising: Reminder: Please return all photograph orders and tea towel orders to the office by                               Friday 6 July, to ensure delivery before the end of term.   Proud To Be Me.  Sharing and Showing Love R/Y1       Edith and Jude L                for being kind and caring friends to all the […]

Newsletter 15/06/18 15 June 2018 Easyfundraising: Summer Gala! Saturday 16 June – Rain or Shine! 12 noon to 4pm Proud To Be Me. Family R Hegel for being a super friend to everyone Y1 Jude W for being a kind and caring friend Y2 Ellie treating everyone with respect Y2 Matilda for supporting her friends […]

Newsletter 08/06/18                                     8 June 2018 Easyfundraising:                        Summer Gala!  Saturday 16 June                               Rain or Shine!                                12 noon to 4pm     Proud To Be Me.   Being Good Friends R             Marshall                               for being a kind and caring friend to everyone Y1           Shay                                      always a good friend Y2           Archie and Sophie            […]

Newsletter 25/05/18                                     25  May 2018 Easyfundraising:   Enjoy Spring Bank Week – after today’s rain, the lovely weather is set to continue (we hope)!  School will re-open on Monday 4 June.   Years 5 and 6 will return today after a fabulous residential activity visit.  They can be collected at 2pm, along with their siblings. […]

First Holy Communion 2018

Pentecost 2018

Year 5/6 Residential to King’s Wood

Easter Bonnet Parade 2018

Newsletter 18/05/18 18 May 2018 Easyfundraising: First Holy Communion on Sunday 20 May at St Ann’s Church (12.30pm). Please pray for our children as they make their First Holy Communion. The preparation team are really proud of the children as they have worked hard for their special day – Mateo, Maisie, Joshua, Maria and others. […]

Newsletter 11-05-18                                     11 May 2018 Easyfundraising:   May we draw your attention to the fact that there have been one or two isolated incidents of Scarlet Fever and Shingles in school.  We have consulted the NHS advice line. Scarlet Fever: High temperature, bright red tongue with white patches.  The child feels very unwell. Infectious before […]

Newsletter 04-05-18                                     4 May 2018 Easyfundraising:     Don’t forget – we are closed Monday 7th – bank holiday!   Proud To Be Me.  Growing R             Sienna Mahoney              for knowing when she can improve her work Y1           Jack Eady                             for never giving up to achieve his best Y2           Kira Green                          for growing in confidence in […]

Newsletter 27-04-18                                     27 April 2018 Easyfundraising:       Years 5 and 6 Residential Visit: There will be information available to parents during next week’s parent’s evenings – please be sure to collect your pack.   Proud To Be Me.  Trust. R             Violet Fareham                 for being a kind and caring friend Y1           Bailey Brown                      for […]

Newsletter 20-04-18                                     20 April 2018 Easyfundraising:   Important!   McIntyre Rd will be closed to traffic 7am to 7pm from Monday 25 April for two weeks.  Any vehicles on the road will be towed away – don’t let that happen to you!   Current Heatwave (will it last???).  Do remember sunblock for your children – they […]

St Ann’s Cheerleaders

St Ann’s cheerleaders at The English Institute of Sport in Sheffield For Sports relief.    

Literacy skills with Anchor Creative Education

Anchor Creative Education, came into St Ann’s to help our pupils with literacy skills Anchor Creative Education    

Snow at St Ann’s

St Ann’s – School Fitness Week

Schools Fitness Week | Mon 12th March The Whole School took part in Joe Wicks’ school fitness week workout.      

Roundabout Charity Bun Sale

Joshua Howell Y1, raised £345 in a charity bun sale for Roundabout. Well Done             Roundabout is Sheffield’s youth homeless charity providing shelter, support and life skills to young people aged 16-24 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  

Newsletter 19/03/18                                     19 March 2018 Easyfundraising:       How bad was the snow on Saturday!  Please can it end right now – we’ve had enough! Today, we wish to say a special thank you to Mr Down and his family who all came out on Sunday and cleared the carpark and pathways.  And (not […]

Newsletter 09/03/18                                     9 March 2018 Easyfundraising:   Hopefully, the bad weather has come to an end!  We will re-schedule pyjama day for sometime after the Easter break.   Proud To Be Me. Enthusiasm. R             Hegel Sharpe Noubissie                 for his engagement in all activities on Welli Wednesday Y1           Abigail Hanson                                  for enthusiasm in Anchorman sessions and […]

Newsletter 16-02-18                                     16 February 2018 Easyfundraising:   Have a lovely half term break – if somewhat shivery!  School will re-open Mon 26 Feb.   Guitar Gig.  Another amazing morning!  Our ukulele and guitar players continue to get better and better.  But their inspiration of course comes from Mr Hawksworth.  You can find his new fantastic […]

Newsletter 09/02/18                                     9 February 2018 Easyfundraising:   Due join us next Wednesday 14 February for our Ash Wednesday Liturgy at 9am.  This day marks the beginning of Lent. Friday 16 February:  Last day before half term.  Do join us for our assembly and Guitar Gig at 9am – well worth watching.  School will re-open after […]

Newsletter 02/02/18 2 February 2018 Easyfundraising: Important! There will be no after school clubs on 12 and 13 February, due to Parents’ Evenings – that is: Football and Cheerleading. Urgent! KS1 children need to return their slips for Boccia and Curling on 13 Feb at the High School! Proud To Be Me. Teacher R Daisy […]

Newsletter 26/01/18 26 January 2018 Easyfundraising: Thank you everyone for supporting Joshua’s charity bun sale this morning – he raised an amazing £110! Well done, Joshua, that’s incredible! Proud To Be Me. New Start. R Charlie Hart for joining in everything with enthusiasm Y1 Jude Long for trying to be quick in all his work […]

Newletter 20/10/17                                                   20 October 2017   We are excited to be part of the Fashion Show hosted by M & Co on Thursday 26 October (last day of school) at their Fox Valley store.  Tickets are £3 each (children go free) and you will get 10% off any purchase made on the night or the following […]

Newsletter 13/10/17                                                   13 October 2017   We are excited to be part of the next Fashion Show hosted by M & Co on Thursday 26 October (last day of school) at their Fox Valley store.  Tickets are £3 each (children go free) and you will get 10% off any purchase made on the night or the […]

Newsletter [23/09/17]                                                   22 September 2017   Early Reminder: Friday 27 October –  we are closed for staff training, followed by half term from Monday 30 October to Friday 3 November.                                                                          Proud To Be Me.  Forgiveness R             Daisy Pickering                  for always being forgiving towards her friends Y1           Jack Eady                             for being forgiving and supportive towards […]

Newsletter [15/09/17]                                                   15 September 2017                      The calendar of events is now complete and is attached overleaf.   Please do join us for Mass on Monday next (18th) at 9am to celebrate the new school year.    Important – I am sending out permission slips today for flu immunisation  for Reception class  and Years 1, […]

Events 2017-18


St Ann’s Move It Day

In line with all Sheffield Primary schools St. Ann’s Primary were very focused on keeping all the children active throughout this special day! Chairs were removed, active lessons linked to the curriculum were planned by the Staff these included bowling linked to number facts, science investigations, drama, music and art linked with maths-pirate co-ordinates, dancing […]

Newsletter [16/06/17]

                                                                                               School Outings Next Tuesday 20 June.The whole school will be out next Tuesday: KS1 to Yorkshire Wildlife, Years 3 and 4 to Eyam and Years 5 and 6 to the Coal Mining Museum. Please bring ALL children to school by 8.30am for registration – there will be some coaches parked outside school so do […]